How to economize knowing your expenses

People who count their expenses spend on average 10% less. You can start saving more money and save up for something more valuable.

Shopping planning

Knowing your regular expenses, you can plan the purchase of products, this can save up to 30% of the cost of products. To do this, you can:

– Buy goods immediately during discounts a month in advance;

– Buy goods a month in advance in wholesale and retail stores;

Try to write down all your expenses for goods in the Rule one month, and the next month try to get a good deal on the same items at the beginning of the month.

Comparison of shopping categories

When you write expenses in a Rule, you specify their category,for example a private car or a taxi. At the end of the month, you can compare these categories and decide what is worth spending less money on. Such a move can save up to 20% of the budget.

Cashback by category

Try to use cashback cards to the maximum – choose the most profitable loyalty programs knowing where you spend the most money. So you can return from 2 to 5% of all your money spent.

Shopping on marketplaces

Marketplaces can offer the best prices by optimizing logistics and lacking retail stores, but sometimes it takes up to 14 days to get goods from there. 

With the help of planning, you will be able to know in advance what you need and order goods in advance. This can save up to 20% of your budget.

Fix impulsive purchases

Enter impulsive purchases into the application and analyze them at the end of the month, perhaps it would be better to invest or set aside that money for your goal. 

In addition, the most disadvantageous purchases are impulsive:

1. The prices of goods bought at the shopping center on the way home are often not the most profitable, probably these goods would cost 20-30 percent cheaper on the marketplace;

2. The low benefit of these purchases compared to other categories.